Cape Cod Deck Builder Gallery

This is the original deck for the pool house for a large condo complex on Cape Cod MA. We were contracted to replace and strengthen the old deck.
The original pool deck for the pool house of a Cape Cod condo complex.
Original commercial deck from another angle. As you can tell it looks very tired and old.
The corner that never saw the light of day! That’s why it looks so bad, old, green and worn out.
Now gutted down to the footings, we are ready to start rebuilding the pool house deck.
Same corner that never saw the light of day. Notice the wrap in the support beams. Helps to lengthen their lifespan, by keep the water from resting on top and getting absorbed. That’s the level of quality we provide for our construction jobs
More of the ripping up of the old deck boards and preparing the new deck for the new deck boards.
About a month into the project. Notice the handicap ramp under construction and the new railing system A&A is building and installing.

A&A Building and Remodeling, a Cape Cod deck builder, believes in always doing a high quality job for our clients. It doesn’t matter if it is just a bathroom renovation or replacing an old tired deck. We employ the same high standards of craftsmanship and skill in ALL of our construction projects. If you look carefully at any of our photos here and in our other galleries, you will see numerous examples of our high level of quality construction.

So if you want a high quality Cape Cod deck builder and a deck job done for your home or business then contact us today to discuss our ideas and dreams.

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2 months after we started ripping the deck apart we completed the construction of this huge commercial deck.
Completed deck from a different spot.
Notice the new contemporary hand rail system that we built and installed for this commercial deck project.
This is the completed handicap ramp we built. Note the new contemporary hand rail system we built and installed.
This is an access hatch in the deck flooring. Note high lined up the deck boards are and how flush it is to the deck surface. If you didn’t see the stainless steel handle you wouldn’t even notice the hatch. This exemplifies the awesome quality of our work.
A month and a half later we came back and sealed the deck boards.
The upper level is now sealed with it’s 2nd coat. We had to wait a month and a half because we replaced the old deck between Jan and March and it wasn’t warm enough to seal till mid May.
The finished deck ready for another season of families enjoying the gorgeous area we affectionately service — Cape Cod MA