Home Watch Services

Dedicated to keeping your home safe and in great condition during the months it’s unoccupied.

Our professional home watch services keeps your home safe and in great condition during the months it is unoccupied. We both know that the weather on Cape Cod can be harsh at times — especially in the off season. Have A & A Building and Remodeling keep tabs of your home or business. With our contractor relationships we can solve any issue that may arise. Below is a summary of our home watch services and what you can expect from us.

Initial Winter Weather Visit

$300 | one time visit

The initial winter weather watch visit will entail:
  • Turning off the water main
  • Draining all outside faucets and leaving in the open position
  • Draining all toilet tanks. Flushing all toilets minimize the bowl water level
  • Draining all inside faucets and leaving in the open position
  • Pouring eco-friendly anti-freeze into all sink traps and toilet bowls
  • Opening all vanity and sink base cabinet doors to ensure temperature circulation
  • Setting all thermostats to 60 degrees. Most insurance companies have policy language that states that the house temperature should be kept at a minimum of 60 degrees during winter

    Winter Watch Routine Visits

    $150 | per visit

    The weekly routine walk-thrus will entail:

    • Ensuring that all windows, doors, and other means of entry are secured
    • Checking that the set temperature is 60 degrees and that the ambient inside temperature is also 60 degrees
    • Checking for possible winter storm damage/ice dams
    • Notifying homeowner of prolonged power outages. Should home be equipped with an emergency generator, we will attempt to determine whether or not generator functioned as intended. (The generator may come on in our absence and power off in our absence, upon restoration of normal power, making it impossible to conclusively determine if it operated as intended)

    Additional Services

    Snow plowing per 6 inch event, up to 100ft driveway

    $75 | per event

    Shoveling snow from walkways

    $50 | per event

    Roof snow raking, up to 10′ of the roof’s drip edge

    $200 | per event

    Cleaning all rain gutters at the start of the season

    $200 | one time visit

    On-going remote home temperature monitoring

    Priced individually

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